Clear and simple

Once in in blue moon an app comes along where the developer puts considerable effort into re-thinking every aspect of App design. I would never have expected a To-Do app would be the first app to knock my socks off.

I have tried several to-do apps over the years. I gave up on all of them after a short while as they were all too fiddly or tried to do to much. Even Apples own to-do app in iOS 5 feels too cluttered and over designed.

Clear app strips out all the fuss such as syncing, nested folders, images and icons. It’s clean, simple, bold and fun to use and the developer even came up with some new gestures that feel perfectly natural in iOS. Lots of attention to detail to make the app is fun to use with close attention payed to the sounds, colours and transitions throughout.

It isn’t’ without caveats however. Because of the stripped down UI many features remain hidden unless you purposely take the effort to read the tutorial. The uncommon interface might scare some iPhone users at first glance also.

Those small issues aside the app is worth the $1.99 it costs and it has become a permanet resident on my home screen.


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