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Hello, I am an Art Director with 18 years of experience in both the corporate and the agency world. My creative skills have been tested in extremely diverse atmospheres, client and vendor, conservative and progressive.

How have I been successful? I always put the needs of the business and the user first. I listen, I research and test down to the last pixel; then, I present a solution that puts the user first. The result? Satisfied user, delighted client. Everyone wins!

Born in the technology-deprived 70s, I was eager to jump on the first beige boxes to grace our desks in the 80s – an ideal expression of creativity beyond paper and glue. Creating digital artwork introduced me to a new means of communication in a pre-networked world. Suddenly the ‘information super highway’ was born giving rise to unlimited audiences and opportunities along with a range of new challenges.

Having the desire to jump in early in the introduction of paradigm shifts in communication, I can safely say I’ve seen most of the pitfalls that “new” technology brings. My solutions then, as now, are elegant, simple and put the message first. After all, what good is the latest “fashionable” technology if it doesn’t serve to inform your user and move them toward your chosen goal?

In the end, we all want the same thing: to make ourselves heard and to be understood. How much better than to make the message beautiful at the same time?

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Art Director

Understanding the brand and building creative solutions that fit have brought me success in this role. The ability to initiate and stimulate ideas for and from those involved in the creative process is what makes this job so exciting.

Web Design

Learning about a client’s business, discerning user needs and then applying that knowledge to a web design challenge – that’s what drives my interest in this role. That, and the ever-changing, constantly-evolving web space…

Usability Specialist

Communication is key: understanding user needs and providing directions and opportunities to interact with a site, a product or an experience is what real usability is about.


Cutting through clutter is the goal: build an interactive banner, an ad or a mini-site that gets attention. The best way that I’ve found is to keep it simple and make the message absolutely clear.


FCB Health
Canadian Tire
The Bay
GE Canada
Fedex Canada
Fairmont Hotels
Pizza Hut Canada
Mac Cosmetics